安装制作软件 Inno Setup v6.0.5 简体中文汉化增强版

Inno SetupInno Setup 是一个免费的安装制作软件,小巧、简便、精美是其最大特点,支持pascal脚本,能快速制作出标准Windows2000风格的安装界面,足以完成一般安装任务。该软件用Delphi写成,其官方网站同时也提供源程序免费下载。它虽不能与Installshield这类恐龙级的安装制作软件相比,但也当之无愧算是后起之秀。



v6.0.5 (2020-05-21)

  • Changes to further help protect installers against potential DLL preloading attacks.
  • Compiler IDE change: added Inno Setup Mailing List menu item to the Help menu.
  • Inno Setup can now be installed using the new Windows Package Manager.
  • Minor tweaks.

v6.0.4 (2020-03-12):

  • [Setup] section directives LicenseFileInfoBeforeFile and InfoAfterFile now support objects such as images in .rtf (rich text) files.
  • Added new constant: {usersavedgames}.
  • Compiler IDE changes:
    • The Welcome dialog is now higher and wider by default and also resizable.
    • Added Dark theme support to the scrollbars (on newer versions of Windows) and the bottom tab set.
  • Restart Manager changes:
    • Setup now ignores attempts by the script to register Setup itself with Restart Manager for a being in use check.
    • If all files are excluded by [Setup] section directive CloseApplicationsFilter, Setup now no longer calls Restart Manager’s RmGetList asking it to check 0 files.
    • /LOG: Now logs how many files Setup asked Restart Manager’s RmGetList to check.
    • Added new command line parameter /LOGCLOSEAPPLICATIONS. Instructs Setup to create extra logging when closing applications for debugging purposes.
    • Fix: [Setup] section directive CloseApplicationsFilter was ignored by checks for [InstallDelete] entries.
  • Windows AppLocker publisher conditions are now supported by Setup up to and including the file name level.
  • Pascal Scripting change: Added new IsDotNetInstalled support function, based on code by Cristoph Nahr.
  • Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) change: Added new UpperCase support function.
  • Fix: Event attributes for uninstall event functions now actually work.
  • Minor tweaks and documentations improvements.
  • Enabled HTTPS on

官方下载(6.0.5 英文版)

网盘下载(6.0.5 汉化增强版) 提取码:brq2 提取码:wfee

有关汉化增强版详情与更新请查阅 IsExtend.chm 帮助文档。

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