TeamViewer v15.9.4.0

电脑上的 TeamViewer 大家都非常熟悉了, 现在 Android 版本来了! 透过TeamViewer可以在android手机上远程控制家中的电脑。功能
– 可支援亲朋好友并存取无人看管的电脑(Windows、Mac、Linux),即使在电话中也一样。
– 使用多种触控方式轻松控制远端电脑,包括按鼠标左键、按鼠标右键、拖放、滚轮、缩放、变更萤幕
– 完整的键盘控制,包括Ctrl、Alt、Windows®等特殊键
– 符合最高安全标准:256 Bit AES Session Encoding、1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange
– 轻松使用防火墙和Proxy 服务器存取电脑
– 远端重新开机
– 自动调整品质
– 透过整合式电脑清单总览线上好友与电脑
– 适用于Android 1.6和更新版本

TeamViewer 新特性概述:

• 提升性能,TeamViewer经优化后占用的带宽更低,图像渲染效率更高,文件传输速度提升达15倍,数据使用率减小达30%。
• 焕然一新的工具栏;
• 访问无人值守Android设备;
• 为客户提供紧急求助按钮;
• 随处聊天;
• 专为Win10打造,TeamViewer 11与Win10完美契合,不仅仅是因为其光鲜的外观。通过TeamViewer 11,您可充分利用强大的Windows特性,如通过触控板上的改良触控手势实现本地和远程输入。
• Chrome OS支持;

1. 从Google Play安装和启动TeamViewer
2. 在电脑上安装和启动TeamViewer完整版(在www.teamviewer.com下载)
3. 直接在Android装置的TeamViewer接口中输入电脑的TeamViewer ID和密码进行连线。


The preview of the new browser engine is now available for IoT users.
In augmented reality sessions, you can now share data and information from your desktop screen with your remote partner in real-time.
Activate the ‘sharing’ function from the session toolbar, then drag and drop, or resize the sharing window frame to choose what content to share. Try it out now!
Fixed a bug in license recognition, which led to a sponsored session dialog after a remote control session when instant support was used before.

Black Screen improvement: The black screen feature now shows an image with the TeamViewer logo on the remote machine.
Licensed customers can now opt-out of in-product marketing messages. Important in-product messages like EULA updates will still be received.
Improvement in URI handling relating to CVE 2020-13699.
Fixed a bug for TeamViewer Printing which sometimes caused an error during printer driver installation with a result code 80070490.
Fixed a bug for File Transfer which navigated to an incorrect folder when typing “C:” into the path field in the File Transfer window.

支持系统:Android 4.4.x



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