ByteScout PDF Multitool v10.0.0.3420 Business

多功能工具ByteScout PDF Multitool包括的功能从PDF文件中提取数据和文本集:PDF到XML,PDF到CSV,PDF为文本阅读使用OCR,用正则表达式搜索文本从扫描的PDF文本,提取原始图像和得多 更多!包括OCR(读数从图片中的文字),支持英语,德语,法语,西班牙语。其他功能: – 提取文件附件; – 提取从PDF包文件; – 从PDF表单中提取FDF和XFA数据; – 提取ZUGFeRD发票数据作为XML; – 劈叉,从合并PDF页面; 和更多!

Convert PDF files to multiple document and image formats, read damaged text, extract data from documents and more, with this versatile application. ByteScout PDF Multitool is an easy to use and powerful conversion suite created to help users save their PDF files to other common formats, such as TXT, CSV, HTML and even images.

Learn more about the features of ByteScout PDF Multitool for Businesses:
PDF transformation and conversion of its scanned images into text searchable PDF files;
Reading of text on scanned files (English, German, Spanish, French and more are supported) with features of HTML PDF Viewer afterward;
PDF to CSV conversion, PDF to XML and XLS, PDF to XLSX and PDF To HTML conversions;
Ability to automatically find tables within a PDF document;
Extra options to Split, Merge, Extract pages from PDF;
Performing of regular expressions search within a PDF document;
Extract attached files and inside data from PDF, XFA and XFDF;
Convert PDF to TIFF, PDF to PNG, PDF to BMP, PDF to HTML;
Print PDF documents;


+ Greatly improved OCR quality and performance.
+ New option to select OCR grade.
= Reduced excessive painting in selection mode.
– Fixed behavior of “Remove” button in “Merge documents” tool.
= Improved parsing of PDF documents.
= Improved rendering of PDF documents.
= Other minor fixes and improvements.



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