PDF文件打印 pdfFactory Pro v7.21

pdfFactory是一个无须Acrobat来创建Adobe PDF文件的打印机驱动程序。pdfFactory提供的创建PDF文件的方法比其他方法更方便和高效。功能包括: 多个文档整合到一个 PDF 文件中;内嵌字体;通过 E-mail 发送;预览;自动压缩优化。

pdfFactory Pro 除了 pdfFactory 的所有功能,还增加了: 128 位加密;书签;可用 URLs;可变的窗口大小;状态条。


v7.20 – March 10, 2020:
fixed bugs that caused Type 1 fonts to be imaged incorrectly
improved hit-testing for the page popup buttons (Insert, Paste, Rotate, Delete), to reduce unwanted actions caused by accidental clicks
fixed a bug that caused incorrect redraws when zoomed pages are dragged with the Hand cursor
Note-related dialogs are now positioned onscreen so that they do not obscure the note being edited (Pro only)
text notes that use Page Tag macros (e.g. , , ) are now correctly populated and sized when they are applied, copied, or moved (Pro only)
fixed a bug that sometimes caused incorrect redraws when a bitmap note’s “Transparent color” dialog was cancelled (Pro only)
fixed a bug that sometimes caused incorrect PDF/A output
when printing from pdfFactory to another printer, the Windows print job name is now set from the overall pdfFactory session name instead of from the internal spool file job name
you can now print just selected pages or jobs instead of the entire session by right-clicking on pages in the page display



pdfFactory 7 Workstation Edition:2H3TV-993M3-F4TDT
pdfFactory 7 Workstation & Server Edition:DCFYN-TSZPZ-7ZDXW
pdfFactory Pro 7 Workstation Edition:M5X6U-HX3WU-AEWEW
pdfFactory Pro 7 Workstation & Server Edition:ZYTVR-NNP7P-7ZZ3T

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