Acronis True Image 2021 v25.5.1.32010

Acronis 是全球最佳备份和恢复软件,可让您的信息保持安全。轻松保护数据、还原服务器、迁移磁盘映像和恢复数据。Acronis True Image for PC 支持本地备份和云备份,它可保存整个系统和单个文件,随时都可让您及时返回。备份位置、时间和方式由您选择。使用外部驱动器、云备份或任何 NAS 设备。设置您自己的备份计划,在您工作时不断保存更改。即刻还原,甚至可在任意 PC 间来回移动整个系统。

Acronis True Image,系统备份还原利器!可在 Windows 下使用全部功能的克隆与恢复软件;克隆与恢复的速度最快;支持 DVD 驱动器,操作简单可将大量数据备份到一张DVD碟片上;优点在于与 Windows 的完全兼容。该软件版本多,但家庭版即可适用大多数人的需求:能备份,可以异机还原,可开辟隐藏分区和热键启动。企业版可以局域网备份还原,并有企业版的远程备份还原和无限云备份空间。



Dual Protection

Experts agree that the 3-2-1 backup strategy is the most effective approach to data protection. Now Acronis makes the process easy and efficient by replicating local backups in the cloud automatically so you always have an off-site copy available for recovery. Once you’ve successfully completed the first backup, the backup and replication occur simultaneously.
Tray Notification Center

Safeguarding data requires you stay informed about your system, your files, and your protection. With Acronis True Image 2020, you can get messages pushed to your desktop tray that allow you to easily monitor the status of your backups, receive timely tips on how to enhance your protection, and quickly respond to any issues.
Back Up on Selected Wi-Fi

Where you back up should be your choice. Now you can easily avoid the metered connections and unsecure public networks that put your data at risk by selecting the Wi-Fi networks you use to back up your data – keeping your uploads secure.
Custom Power Management

Backups are great, but creating them uses electricity. Manage your backups so they don’t drain the battery, ensuring your laptop will run when you need it. You can set a minimum power level for backups, or completely block backups on battery power.
Power Nap Backups

How efficient would it be if you could get tasks done while you were asleep? Mac users come close now that they can choose to back up their machine’s data when it enters Power Nap mode. Not only will your Mac’s data be updated during its Power Nap, your backups will capture those changes too.
Enhancement Highlights

Cloud Restores

Restoring from the cloud should be just as easy and efficient as backing up. Now it is. We’ve enhanced the underlying backup technology to deliver a better overall performance of our already fast cloud restores, resulting in an even faster, more reliable and more stable cloud restore experience.

Enriched Anti-Ransomware

As cyberthreats continue to evolve, we constantly enhance Acronis Active Protection to stay ahead of them. Our new machine learning models make it more effective, and the latest version now stops illicit service termination attacks. You will be informed of the reason a particular process is being monitored or blocked as malicious.

Enhanced Backup Technology

To retain control over their data, users need easy, efficient access to their backed up content. Our new backup format delivers a better overall performance, enabling faster browsing of cloud backups, improved backup / recovery speeds and data deduplication.

Mac Restores

Restore your data to a new Mac machine more easily, even if it is spread across APFS volumes on your current system. It’s a much more efficient way to migrate your APFS volumes.


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