图标编辑工具 IcoFX v3.4 简体中文汉化版

IcoFX 是一款免费的图标编辑工具。可轻松创建WindowsXP和WindowsVista图标,可将您喜欢的图像转换为图标或图标转换为图像,内置40多个效果,具有强大的亮度、对比度、 饱和度、色调调整等工具。该软件为多国语言版本,可在“Options”选项中,点击“Languages”的“Download Languages”子选项,在弹出的窗口中选择“Chinese Simplified”或其他语言进行扩展。

* 支持 Windows XP / Win7 / Win10 图标和 PNG 压缩
* 超过 40 个效果和自定义滤镜
* 支持 256×256 分辨率
* 数据类型 2, 16, 256, 真彩色, 真彩色 + Alpha
* 从 32 位 exe 和 dll 中提取图标
* 导入和导出图像
* 透明、亮度、对比度、饱和度、色调调整工具



* New panel docking engine;
* Document tabs can be rearranged;
* Ctrl+Tab shortcut to select next document;
* Ctrl+Shift+Tab shortcut to select previous documnet;
* Icofx script editor;
* New welcome window;
* Fixed Additional scaling issues on high DPI monitors;
* Fixed Folder icon customization issues;
* Minor enhancements and bugfixes;

* [Fixed] Scaling issues on high DPI monitors on Windows 7

+ Android icons are saved to mipmap folders drawable of drawable
* [Fixed] Advanced Import dialog is not working in some cases
* [Fixed] Crash when opening more than 30 files
* Minor bugfixes

+ Import form SVG files
+ Text styles
+ Search box for quick command execution
+ Record image adjustments and effects to “actions” and play them back later
+ Batch process images to quickly apply actions (Business license)
+ Option to combine images with similar names to icons
+ Batch combine images to icons dialog (Business license)
+ “Replace Image” menu option
+ Option to show/hide ruler on the canvas
+ Full support for the lates Mac icon (icns) format
+ “Recent Colors” popup menu
+ Global color picker
+ One click automatic updates
+ Full screen menu item
+ Reworked shortcut engine
+ Added shortcut for previous/next/first/last brush
+ Pan/Zoom the canvas using the mouse wheel and the Shift/Ctrl keys
+ Font preview for the font selection combobox of the text tool
+ Added quick access to set the checker color in the popup menu of the canvas
+ Option in popupmenu to allow reordering of styles, gradients, brushes and swatches
+ Popup menu for the undo button containing undo history
+ Recent files show a preview
+ Option to show image previews in the Windows taskbar
+ Replaced “Delete More Images” with “Image Manager” window to make reordering easier
+ Sidebar thumbnail size can be changed via popup menu
+ Exe/Dll/Icl/Cul files can be dragged to the resource editor to open
* [Fixed] Crash when opening an icon with invalid ICONDIR entry
* [Fixed] Crash when batch creating icons from invalid/corrupted image files
* [Fixed] Saturation and Brightness sliders on “Replace Color” dialog
– Removed “Properties” window
* Enhancements and bugfixes


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注册码(3.3): F8MCZ-RQF4V-K758R-2KMEI-J42BR
注册码(3.2.1): CT2MO-N94D3-7ATLG-GYEBG-LAXY

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