Jasi Patcher v4.11

这款神器是俄国大神 JASI2169 自写,简单的说,这就是一款安卓应用PJ补丁集合,支持类型如:八门神器,MX Player,绿色守护,Poweramp等等,截图为亲测,强烈推荐机友必备,软件自带检测升级,自带完整中文。

特征 :-
– 基于每个应用程序的自定义修补程序可用于硬件和热门应用程序,包括受不同类型的混淆器保护的应用程序。
– 通用补丁修补任何Android应用程序的许可证检查。
– 仿效许可应用程序与Google服务器一样工作。
– 删除任何Android应用的Google广告。
– 在应用程序购买黑客仿真。
– App Manager功能,如清除数据,杀死应用程序,卸载,备份Apk /数据和还原Apk /数据。
– 重启软件重启,重启,关机,重启恢复,重启下载,重启安全模式,一键重启SystemUI。
– 清洁缓存分区,缓存所有应用程序,擦除Dalvik缓存并一键擦除未使用的Dalvik Odex。
– 欺骗屏蔽IMEI,WiFi Mac地址,蓝牙Mac地址,硬件序列,制造商串行,品牌,制造商,型号,设备,产品,硬件,板。
– 挂钩使所有应用程序可调试,禁用调试器连接检查,禁用安装时的Android版本检查,允许降级应用程序,禁用签名检查,禁用APK签名,禁用叠加检测。
– 转储日志可以转储所有应用程序的日志,并可以帮助其他应用程序疑难解答。
– 阻止和取消屏蔽广告的广告拦截器。

定制: –
– 从浅色和深色布局更改主题。
– 从基于默认设备,纵向,横向更改Patcher的方向。
– 更改语言,提供多种不同语言。
– 更改动画。
– 更改排序。
– 更改字体。
– 启用/禁用振动。
– 启用/禁用加载应用程序图标。
– 从其他应用程序隐藏Patcher。
– 自动更新检查。
– 导出,导入和重置设置。


v4.11 (01/Jun/2020)
– Fixed some apps crashing when using billing emulation in previous release (critical fix).
– Updated downgrade apps hook with android 7+ support.
– Updated android version check on install.
– Updated disable signature of apk hook with android 7+ support now you can modify any file inside apk and install without signing, hooks needs reboot to take effect.
– Updated install apk with different signature over other same apk with different signature with android 7+ support, it is based on coderstory and it can install apk even when file is modified without resigning, so the above hook is useless for android 7+ if this is enabled.
– Added disable flag secure to allow video recording and screenshot in protected apps.
– Update install splits apks.
– Removed extension check on file selector, but only APK/APKS file will be modified/installed in emulation, if you have splits apk with extension zip/xapk, rename it to apks and make sure MAIN apk with name as ‘base.apk’ exists in archive else it won’t work.
– Bugs fixed.

v4.10 (23/May/2019)
!!..I Have Spent A Lot Of Time On This Tool Just For Passion, Thanks To All Who Supported Me With Donations/Ideas/Feedback, Due To Hard Times And Other Responsibilities, Update From Now On Is Not Guaranteed..!!
– Added Support For Non Root Devices, They Have To Create Modified APK With Support Emulate For License/Billing Emulation To Work, Patching Is Allowed For Universal APK As Well As Split APKS.
– Added Function To Install APK/APKS For NonRoot In Emulation.
– Updated Billing Emulation.
– Updated EdXposed Version Check.
– Added Backup And Restore Of Splits APKs.
– Added Appear On Top Permission Request To Show Billing Popup On Android 6 And Up, Should Fix MIUI’s Issue.
– Added Systemless Ads Block In AdBlocker, Needs to Be Enabled In Magisk To Take Effect If Not Enabled Automatically.
– Updated Chinese Translations.
– Bugs Fixed.

v4.9 (25/Dec/2019)
– !!..Merry Christmas..!!
– Updated Billing Emulation.
– Fix Hide From EdXposed Manager.
– Updated Translations.
– Bugs Fixed.

v4.8 (05/Jul/2019)
– Updated Core Patch Engine.
– Fixed Code Patch/Dalvik Patch Not Working On Some Apps On Android Pie.
– Added Algorithm To Detect PathClassLoader On Pie And Up.
– Added Support For Patching Splits Apps.
– Fixed Critical 6 Bytes Issue In Patch Engine Making Some Rare Apps Not Patchable, Thanks Bro ChelpuS For The Help In Catching It.
– Fixed License/Billing Emulation Not Working On Buggy Roms With MicroG Installed Instead Of Original Google Services.
– Write Detailed Patch Info To Logs.
– Spanish Translations Updated By Arley.
– Bugs Fixed.

系统需求: Android 4.0+, ROOT, Xposed (可选)



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