Nitro Pro Enterprise v13.9.1.155

Nitro PDF Professional的界面与MS Office 2007异常相似,并提供四种色彩不同的skin以更换。Nitro PDF Professional的新建功能可以将Word文档、HTML档、文本文档、图像档等转换到PDF格式,然后提供多样化的编辑。还有PDF to Word功能,支援PDF转DOC,并与Office整合。

Nitro Pro 12新功能和改进功能:


新的Nitro Cloud集成通过为每个Nitro Pro用户配备eSignature工具以及通过云快速共享文档的能力来增强协作。

新的OneDrive for Business连接器使您可以将PDF直接保存到OneDrive。这样可以轻松地与同事创建和共享访问链接。

Nitro Pro与高质量CAD图纸的兼容性使您可以处理从PDF中的蓝图到3D模型的所有内容。



新的单签名者工作流程使得在Nitro Pro中准备PDF变得简单。然后通过Nitro Cloud将您的文档发送给收件人,以便快速,轻松地进行签名收集和实时工作流程跟踪。



v13.2.3.26 (September 27, 2019):
This release resolves an issue that caused Nitro Pro to close unexpectedly when opening certain PDF documents containing images.

v13.2.2.25 (September 24, 2019):

System Tray Application Enhancements

The System Tray App has been refreshed with a more modern UI for an improved user experience. Additional enhancements help Nitro Pro users onboard quicker and easier. These include:

The Discover Tab, which offers guides to Nitro Pro’s top workflows
One-click access to Recent Documents
Shortcuts to the Nitro User Guide and Nitro Cloud’s eSigning and sharing workflows

Another new addition to the System Tray App is Nitro’s Environmental Impact Score, which illustrates how the use of Nitro Pro drives environmental sustainability. The Environmental Impact Score presents information, like the number of trees saved and average number of pages not printed, over a period of time for each user. This new feature will help Nitro users become more aware of how activities like printing negatively impact the environment and how using Nitro instead can produce positive change.

Customize Tab

This new feature enables users to add a collection of tools to a customizable ribbon tab in Nitro Pro. Especially helpful for users who complete the same processes every day, the Customize Tab gives users a place to group tools together based on their workflow needs. Users can also rename the tab to reflect their use case; for example, “Legal Review Tools” or “Purchase Orders”.

Nitro Pro Home Screen

To help users kickstart their workflows, the new Home screen in Nitro Pro appears on opening to provide quick access to helpful tools and resources:

Create PDF so users can quickly open any supported document type as a PDF in Nitro Pro
Create and Combine so users can combine multiple documents of any supported file type into one PDF
How-to Guides that help familiarize users with Nitro Pro’s top five workflows
Recent Document so users have quick access to the files they’ve recently worked with
Pinned Documents so users can reference important or frequently used documents with one click
Find Documents so users can quickly search through Recent and Pinned documents


This release includes improvements to the rendering of form elements, such as checkboxes, to support compatibility with other PDF readers.
Various bug fixes, stability, and security improvements have been built into the release.
Occasionally, some users experienced a reboot upon deployment of Nitro Pro in enterprise environments. Administrators are advised to use a /norestart when deploying Nitro Pro in an enterprise environment.



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