ScreenHunter Pro v7.0.1101

ScreenHunter 是一个非常好的屏幕抓取工具,除了基本常见的功能外,他还可以抓取椭圆的选取区,抓取Word文件,还可以自动产生文件名称,定时抓取屏幕,抓取DirectX游戏及屏幕保护程序的屏幕,转存JPEG、GIF、PNG、BMP文件。

ScreenHunter Pro是ScreenHunter的最高级版本,其中包含满足您的屏幕捕获需求所需的所有工具。这是一个全面的捕获解决方案,可以节省您的时间并提高生产力。使用ScreenHunter Pro,您可以立即看到众多省时功能的优势,并提供最高质量的屏幕截图。此外,它还提供易于使用的用户界面和最大的灵活性,以实现更具交互性的捕获体验。强大而智能的ScreenHunter Pro已被证明是您业务无可比拟的帮手。

• Rectangular area
• Adjustable rectangle
• Object / Window
• Auto-scroll
• Multi-object
• Text
• Active Window
• Fixed area (user defined)
• Specific window (lock-in window)
• Full screen
• DOS program
• DirectX / Screen saver
• Movie / video
• Freehand
• Round area (Ellipse)
• Round Rectangular area
• Polygon
• Web capture
• Scanning images

• Mouse pointer
• Multiple monitors
• Transparent window
• AutoText (date/time stamps, note)
• Watermark
• Border

• Delayed capture
• Timed auto-capture
• Scheduled auto-capture
• Recurring capture

Viewing and Editing Features
• Image editing, adding text & annotation
• Advanced image processing
• High-quality zooming, resizing & cropping
• Viewing 100 images & conversion
• Drag & drop images from desktop

• Automatic naming and saving to files
• Clipboard
• Auto-email
• Auto-scale
• Saving in the smallest file size
• Optimized JPEG, GIF and PNG
• High quality and transparent GIF
• Saving to TIFF

• Screen Color Picker
• System tray
• Zoombox
• Flexible hotkey
• Multiple hotkey
• Direct printing
• Wysiwyg printing
• Developer support


v7.0.1089 (June 14, 2020):
Fixed cursor in full screen capture
Fixed cursor being captured twice with fixed size capture
Improved to save JPG, GIF files faster on high resolution 4K monitors
Fixed emailing issues on latest Windows 10
Improved to automatically stop recording when there is low disk space
In delayed capture/recording, when the CaptureNow/RecordNow button is clicked, it shows the count-down timer too, the same as a hotkey is pressed. Click the button again to capture right away.
Made the maximum recording screen size to 4096p.
Made initial recording sound from speakers as default, not the mic and speakers together.
Improved to capture and record large cursors (mouse pointers) on Windows 10 (2019 Update)
Improved controls, font and buttons when scaled on 4K monitors
You can also use CaptureNow to capture during recording

v7.0.1075 (May 23, 2020):
Improved to capture enlarged Mouse pointers on Windows 10 (2019 Update)
Improved visual (controls, font, buttons) when scaled on high resolution 4K monitors
You can also use CaptureNow to capture during recording

v7.0.1065 (Apr. 21, 2020):
Improved Delayed capture and recording with a countdown timer, placed close to Desktop Toolbar
You can now use a hotkey to capture during recording
Improved visual (controls, font, buttons) when scaled on high resolution 4K monitors
Fixed drag & drop image files to Image Editor issues
Improved the crosshair for selection
Fixed issues with locked aspect ratio when selecting an area
Optional to run with Admin (default) or Non Admin account to start ScreenHunter 7 Pro
Fixed hotkey issues that are not working on some apps on Windows 10 (for example: Task Manager)



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