夜神安卓模拟器 NoxPlayer v6.6.1.3

夜神安卓模拟器是一款优秀的安卓模拟器,与传统安卓模拟器相比,在性能、稳定性、兼容性等方面有着巨大优势。优质游戏的提供,软硬件游戏辅助的支持,让娱乐性更强。玩家可以通过本软件在电脑上玩手机游戏, 感受更大的屏幕、更快的速度、更完美的操控体验。

夜神安卓模拟器,电脑玩手游的新一代神器,真正实现了电脑上玩手机游戏及应用, 让移动互联网再无边界,打造电脑上的移动互联网,有效融合移动端和PC端的应用,更好的服务于当下的互联生活。


Add the switch of Keyboard mapping, which supports to turn on or off the keyset according to different games;
Add the function 【Rendering cache】, which improves the fluency of some games;
Boost the performance to smartly allocate the resource so as to reduce the occupation of memory and CPU effectively
Optimize the experience for developers, which is more convenient to connect and debug;
Optimize some interactive experiences;
Note: From the latest version, the emulator will not support creating a new multi-instance of Android 4, which still supports to create a multi-instance of Android 5 and Android 7. For old users, you can still find your original

Added the command of【multipress/multiclick】 in Macro to support the multi-press operation.
Optimized the function of Controller, bringing a better experience in MOBA games such as 【Arena of Valor】 and 【Brawl Stars】
Fixed the issue that the lag of view control while pressing shift to run in【Free Fire】

Add new 【Streaming Mode】: the most simple style, you can select the Streaming mode in the settings
Optimized the experience of the custom wallpaper
Optimized the experience of 【View conrtol】by the mouse, which supports multiple keysets take effect at the same time
Optimized the position of the window which will record the position of Macro/Recorder/Sync(Note: all operation will reset after closing the emulator)
Other experience optimization and fix a few bugs



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