Media Player Classic – Home Cinema v1.9.1

Media Player Classic 64 位家庭影院是 Windows 的轻量级媒体播放器。它看起来就像 Windows Media Player Classic v6.4,但有很多附加功能。您可以使用播放器作为媒体播放器经典家庭影院.

它内置了用于 LPCM,MP2,AC3 和 DTS 音频的 MPEG- 2 视频和编译码器的编译码器,还包含一个改进的 MPEG 分离器,支持 VCD 和 SVCD 的播放使用其 VCD,SVCD 或 XCD 阅读器。 AAC 译码滤波器使 MPC 适用于 MP4 中的 AAC 播放.

Media Player Classic 家庭影院特点:
可选择去除撕裂。更好地支持 Windows Vista,包括 64 位平台的发行版。支持 EVR(增强型视频渲染器)支持字幕。如果安装了支持的电视调谐器,则播放和录制电视节目。当 MPC HC 崩溃时创建小型转储。 OSD(屏幕显示)Shuttle PN31 遥控器支持支持多显示器配置像素着色器转换 BT601 – BT701 YV12 色度上采样像素着色器语言翻译。来自 Gabest 的 Guliverkli MPC 项目的所有功能。 Android 设备的遥控器。注:截至 2006 年 7 月,Media Player Classic 不再开发。其功能相同的继任者是媒体播放器经典 – 家庭影院.


v1.9.1 – January 21, 2020:

Changes/ additions/ improvements:

ICC color profile is now also applied on coverart
Added LumaSharpen and Sepia shaders
Added a shortcut for toggling default subtitle style (see Options > Player > Keys)
Improved the visual appearance of the volume control in dark theme
Improved the visual appearance of the transition to full screen (on Windows 8+)


Fixed slow loading of huge playlist (regression in 1.9.0)
Fixed autoplay issue with madVR on secondary screen (regression in 1.9.0)
Fixed large text in option window due to text scaling of Windows 10 (regression in 1.9.0)
Fixed issue where subtitles could be rendered at a too low resolution after video resize (regression in 1.9.0)
Fixed a small memory leak with PNG coverart
Fixed rendering of certain SSA subs that use opaque boxes as background for translated texts
youtube-dl processing is now skipped when an URL points directly to a media file



Media Player Classic Black Edition (MPC-BE) Latest Version

网盘下载( + MPC-BE) 密码:4y7t

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