三维纹理材质绘画软件 Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2017.4

Allegorithmic Substance Painter 是一个全新的三维纹理材质绘画软件制作软件,从未见过的功能和工作流程的改进,使3D纹理的创建资产比以往更容易。它被公认为最具创新和用户友好的三维纹理材质绘画制作软件。



预览你的画在基于物理的(PBR)视精确材料的反馈。创建使用最佳的光学效果的技术之一在那里工具(YEBIS 2由Silicon工作室)加入抗锯齿,色彩校正,自由度,眩光,开花和更多资产的美丽照片。





[Instancing] Allow to instantiate parameters across layers
[Instancing] Allow to jump between a source layer and an instance
[Instancing] Add a “instantiate across texture sets” action
[Instancing] Indicate in the layer stack re-entrant instances (cycles)
[Instancing] Delete instances when a source is removed
[Instancing] Don’t allow Anchor’s references from outside an instanced folder
[UI] Move the Undo Stack into its own window named “History”
[Plugin] Integrate DCC live-link plugin
[Engine] Improve painting performances with Sparse painting
[Export] Add draft and re-export options to Sketchfab exporter
[Shelf] Add “flip” control for Font substances
[Shelf] Add 20 new procedurals materials
[Shelf] Add 40 new grunges maps (bitmap based and procedural)
[Viewport] Enable brush preview collisions on other visible texture sets
Update AMD GPU drivers minimum requirements

Crash When computing Substances at too big resolutions
Crash when painting heavily with particles
[Viewport] Incorrect specular reflection in the 2D view with specific meshes
[UI] Some unwanted actions appear into the History window

已知问题 :
[Layers] Some anchor’s references cannot be restored if broken
Crash when using redo after an undo of a Shader change in Viewer Settings

v2017.2 :

Anchor Points – Layer and Mask referencing system
[Layer Stack] Ability to rename Fill and Paint Effects
[Shelf] 4 New Fonts (Japanese + Simplified Chinese, Typewriter, Segment)
[Performance] Project loading and stamping optimizations
[Substance Source] Updated Substance Source plugin
Added Splash Screen on startup
[Scripting] Allow to query Texture Set Resolution
[Scripting] Allow to get the status of the Painting engine

Tool] Performance issues when tweaking material parameters
[Engine] Disappearing brush strokes when changing resolution (4K>2K)
[Shader] Non-PBR shader doesn’t work anymore
[Sample] Meet Mat sample project Texture Set names are incorrect
[Shelf] Shelf path in the user documents isn’t created automatically
Saving a project before creating a template returns write permission errors
[Shelf] Make presets compatible with previous versions after an update
[Bakers) ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
[3D View] Tangent space is not synched with bakers


网盘下载(2017.4 英文版 + 2017.2 汉化版 by kid goku) 密码:46e0

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