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ABBYY 是一家俄罗斯软件公司,在文档识别,数据捕获和语言技术的开发中居世界领先地位。其获奖产品 FineReader OCR 软件可以把静态纸文件和 PDF 文件转换成可管理的电子数据,可以大大节省您的时间和精力。

ABBYY FineReader Professional 是一款真正的专业OCR,它不仅支持多国文字,还支持彩色文件识别、自动保留原稿插图和排版格式以及后台批处理识别功能,使用者再也不用在扫描软件、OCR、WORD、EXCEL之间换来换去了,处理文件会变的就像打开已经存档的文件一般便捷。

简单的说 Abbyy FineReader 是一款可以把图片上的文字扫描成文本,比如一整张扫描的的书本,或者拍照的很多文字,要重新排版或者放到其他地方,这时候一个个手写下来非常费力。这个软件就可以把图片上的文字识别出来 然后转换成文字,这时候就可以随意排版使用了。可以说abbyy finereader是目前最好的识别软件了。ABBYY FineReader Pro

日前,ABBYY公司发布 ABBYY FineReader 15 大更新,ABBYY FineReader 15 使专业人士在数字化工作场所能够最大限度地提高效率,它采用了 ABBYY 最新推出的基于 AI 的 OCR 技术,可以更轻松地在同一工作流程中对各种文档进行数字化、检索、编辑、加密、共享和协作。现在,信息工作者能将更多时间和精力投入到他们的专业领域而花费较少的时间处理行政工作。

新版本增加了 AI 辅助识别,在PDF编辑、导出、识别和页面组织方面有个比较大的改进,具体更新内容:

  1. 使用FineReader 15,编辑任何类型的PDF(包括扫描文档)几乎与使用文本编辑器一样简单。 您可以编辑整个段落、更改文本格式、编辑表格单元格,甚至可以重排整个布局。
  2. 除了将文档的两个版本之间的差异导出为PDF注释之外,您现在还可以将比对结果导出为修订模式的Word文档。 这使您可以轻松接受或拒绝对文档的编辑并完成文档。
  3. ABBYY基于AI的OCR技术的最新改进为日语,韩语和中文字母提供了更高的准确性,还可以更好地创建自动标记PDF和PDF / UA。 对数字创建的PDF文本层质量进行智能检测,当转换为可编辑格式时,可获得更准确的结果。
  4. 新的远程用户许可允许组织将FineReader与桌面和应用程序虚拟化解决方案结合使用。基于组策略对象,在部署期间添加了新选项以自定义FineReader设置。


v15.0.112.2130 Release 4 (2019-12-26):

New features and improvements:

Full document preview for PDFs in Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook: scroll through the pages before opening the document.
Faster PDF opening
Improved table and text extraction from PDFs: better usability, improved retention of text formatting.
New, informative FineReader 15 update notifications in Windows 10: click “Download” to run the update or “Learn More” to find out what’s new in it.
New in-product update notification with “Update Available” button.

List of the bugs fixed:

Potential security vulnerability connected with user rights.
The program could crash when merging PDF documents with bookmarks into one.
In OCR Editor, structure of a table wasn’t retained when copying it from the Text pane.
Text doubling when saving to searchable PDFs “text under image” type and with MRC on.
The program could crash when converting text files with some specific fonts to PDF.
Korean characters entered in the Search field in PDF Editor could disappear.
Errors when printing PDFs from FineReader could happen if Adobe Reader was also installed.
Interactive PDF form fields were not displayed when using drawing tools.
When adjusting table grid before extracting the table from a PDF, the grid image wasn’t updated on screen.
Fields of an interactive PDF form could remain interactive when saving it to image-only PDF.

v15.0.110.1875 Release 3 (2019-11-07):

New features and improvements:

Editing of underlined text in digital PDF documents.
Adding underline to text in digital PDF documents.
Reduced time for preparing PDF documents for editing.
Improved recognition (OCR) quality and speed for Arabic.
Improved tables detection and analysis.
Quick Start Guide is available any time from Help menu.

List of the bugs fixed:

An error when converting some PDF documents created by Konica Minolta MFPs.
An error when converting MS Word files to PDF under Windows 10 x64.
Words adjacent to some special symbols were submitted for verification as non-dictionary.

v15.0.18.1494 Release 2 Update 1 (2019-08-23):

Bugs fixed: Sort By and Filter tools for comments become unavailable.



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