Total Commander v3.01 beta 9

Total Commander 是 PC 上著名的文件管理器,功能强大,饱受好评。如今Total Commander 也出了 Android 版本,之所以冠以全能文件管理器的称号,是因为机友试用后给予了秒杀其他任何文件管理器的评价,相当嚣张啊,所以值得一试。



3.01 beta 9
2020-09-10 Release v 3.10 beta 9
2020-09-10 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: [N02-9] inserted wrong number of leading zeroes (requested number of characters instead of difference between requested and returned)
2020-09-10 Added: Tap on file without association -> show context menu instead of app picker
2020-09-10 Fixed: Bookmarks to archives (zip, rar, 7z etc.) no longer worked
2020-09-10 Added: Multi-rename tool: When using placeholder [R1]..[R9], avoid using the same random number twice if there are enough digits
2020-09-09 Fixed: Media Player: Adding the same track without id3 tags twice would once add it with file name, and once as unknown – name without extension
2020-09-08 Fixed: Media Player: Save current track each time a new track is played, not just when pausing or changing the playlist
2020-09-08 Fixed: Media Player notification: Buttons play, next and previous track didn’t work after the player was unloaded due to low memory
2020-09-08 Fixed: Exit command (155): Prevent infinite loop terminating app when Android auto-starts it again
2020-09-08 Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [R1], [R2]..[R9] inserts random number with 1 up to 9 digits (fixed width)
2020-09-08 Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [R] inserts random number between 0 and 999999.
2020-09-08 Fixed: Internal commands 121..124: Copy names of folders with trailing slash
2020-09-08 Fixed: Media player, full screen: When loading, only show the overlayed controls for half a second like the Android on screen controls hiding themselves
2020-09-07 Fixed: Add files to player via button 139 while player was closing (x icon) -> files were sometimes appended to old play list
2020-09-07 Fixed: Show associated app icon for image and video files when no thumbnail could be loaded
2020-09-06 Fixed: Long click on file -> no “Play (external)” menu item shown even when we had an internal association for playing that type
2020-09-06 Added: Multimedia Service: pause service via wait() in stopped or paused state
2020-09-06 Added: Limit the number of lines shown for the current path (for very deep paths) to 4, and add scrollbars when there are more
2020-09-04 Added: Long click on file -> Check whether a file is a renamed zip/7z/rar archive, and show “Open as zip/7z/rar”
2020-09-04 Fixed: MediaPlayer: Could not play files from path containing a colon “:” (bug in MediaPlayer control itself!) -> use content:-URL
2020-09-02 Fixed: Search function: Do not follow symlinks when using “root functions everywhere”, it was causing too many problems

v3.01 beta 8
Fixed: Root functions: Show at least a go up entry “..” when root access denied
Fixed: Root functions: unload background root processes in onStop() instead of onPause(), which is invoked also when the root confirmation dialog is shown
Fixed: Media Player: close player after last track ends, otherwise playing the same track again may fail
Fixed: Search function: When using “root functions everywhere”, try following symlinks
Added: Search function: Allow to disable search filters by using ** instead of * for wildcards, e.g. **.txt | skipfile skipfolder/
Added: Search function: Allow to skip subdirs by using the following syntax: * | subdir1/ subdir2/ other*/ (note the slash at the end). Positive filters also work, but all dirs need to be listed (not recursive)
Fixed: Search function: Allow to search in folders / or /data even if they are inaccessible (only accessing the subfolders we can actually access)
Fixed: Search function: Added a blocklist for searching by content, to avoid hangs. Also skips folders /cwd and /root under /proc, they can cause infinite loops
Fixed: Search function: Abandon the search thread if it doesn’t react to the abort button for 5 seconds
Fixed: Root functions: Some files with very short names and no size/date/time belonging to user ‘root’ were not displayed
Added: Internal association: option to override MIME type, e.g. for opening files like descript.ion as text/plain
Added: Install app bundles with extension .xapk and and .apks, which are just ZIP files containing multiple .apk files (files containing .obb files are not supported)
Added: “Add plugins (download)” now also shown in main settings, because the user can hide the entry on the home screen
Added: Xiaomi devices: Install first part of split APK in traditional way on Xiaomi devices if there are no other parts
Added: Context menu of “Installed apps” folder: open URLs in default marktet (via market: URL) when no play store installed
Fixed: Media player: Warning about outdated media player library (Stagefright) didn’t show checkbox when the URL was very long





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    Android 版 v2.6b5 裡面有新的圖標了(終於擺脫那可怕的 16色 Windows 95 樣式圖標)。

    cmingyan6年前 (2015-03-27)